We offer a dedicated course for brokers and agents working in the real estate sector of all disciplines and for those looking to start a career in this field. This course makes one an expert and enhances ones knowledge about Kenyan real estate market along with understanding the property transactions and procedures followed.

We teach students effective ways to manage, administer and sell property owned by another party or entity. We make them professionals who can handle all aspects related to a property, from finding potential buyers, maintaining house integrity, or making sure tenants respect their contractual obligations.

Managed properties include residential and vacation properties, commercial retail space or industrial warehouse space. The real estate and property management discipline deals with four major areas: marketing and financial aspects, tenant and occupancy, facilities of property, and administration and risk. Real estate and property management integrates theories from other disciplines like: accounting, finance, business administration and strategic management.

Students obtain in-depth knowledge of the real estate market. They understand information related to operating expenses and budgeting as well as develop negotiation and communication skills, as they have to solve disputes between tenants, negotiate prices when selling properties, and carry out their clients’ requests. They learn this field through on-the-job training or through their certificate programs.

Graduates find careers in the field working as: real estate agents/brokers, investment analyzers and corporate asset or property managers.